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Yeah, I realize the holidays are coming up quick....but really, anytime is the best time to

treat yourself, dear friends, and chosen family! Check out the dates below for where and how to get your Betseybrite Designs.

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Use the “good” dishes every damn day.

When I was little, my grandma asked me to set the table one day for an ordinary weeknight dinner. Which wouldn’t be so out of the ordinary or remarkable, except this time she told me to take the “good” dishes out of the cabinet. In delighted and confused surprise I asked her if the night was somehow special. She said that no, it was only Tuesday. But then she said something I will never forget...


”If we only use the good dishes on holidays then we hardly ever get to use them. What the hell is the point of that?! Who cares what day it is?! I like those dishes, get them down here and let’s use them!”

From that day forward I have always looked for ways to incorporate the special and beautiful and precious things into everyday regular life. The designs and products I make were created with this idea in mind...taking art off of its protective walls and straight into the everyday world.

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