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Creating something special just for you.

There is nothing I love creating more than a unique and meaningful custom piece. When making a custom piece I put a lot of thoughtful time researching and designing, and always do my best to meet your hopes and dreams for the piece. However, there are times when the vision of the custom doesn’t match with what I have created.
When ordering a custom piece, please be as specific about the type of design you are looking for. After we discuss the design I will create the item and send a picture of it to you. If you love the piece then...great news! It will be off to you in the mail the next day!

If, at that time, you would like something changed or adjusted, great news! I will make the changes requested, for no extra fee, and send a second picture. If the design is still not what you are looking for you have the option of either cancelling the order and being refunded your payment minus the design fee (25% of the original order price, or asking for an additional alteration for a fee of $25 for the additional work.

The most important thing to me is that your original piece of art, created and designed especially just for you, puts a smile on your face and a song in your heart. (Or whatever your equivalent of happy is. You get it.)

Store Policies: Inspiration
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